Best Winter Activities in the USA

December 14, 2018 By Tiffany Taylor

As the holiday and winter season approaches and things start to get chilly, it is often the perfect time for families to have a getaway. Some families may choose a destination that is domestic and some may go beyond the borders of the country. If you are one of those families, then you may be looking for great ways and ideas on how you and your family can enjoy your winter vacation. In the USA there are lots of things to see and do this winter that involves just getting a rental car or using your own vehicle. Therefore, there is no need to go international.

Cross Country Vacations

A cross-country drive is a great way to have a family vacation, avoid the hassle of a flight, bond with family and save money while you’re at it. The USA has 50 states and of which has something unique to do especially in the winter, so why not rent a car and be on your way to explore what a state may have to offer. Here are some states which are popular for activities that families can partake of during the winter.
States to Visit during the winter

1. Vermont

If skiing is an activity that you and your family enjoy, then a drive to Stowe Vermont may just be the place for you. In the winter Stowe, Vermont is one of the most peaceful and picturesque villages with a lot of room for skiing. This is one of the best destinations for skiing during the winter and has a great reputation. However, if you’re not into skiing there are still activities like dog-sledding, sleigh and carriage rides, cider mills and breweries and of course excellent cuisine. There is also a Recreation Path with a bike path that is 5.3 – miles long if you’re into that sort of thing.

2. Clearwater Beach, Florida

In the winter the cold can become overbearing at times and you may need a break from that type of weather. If so, Clearwater Beach in Florida may be the perfect getaway for you and your family. This beach is three miles long and is one of the most loved beaches among the Florida natives. Besides the beautiful beach, the nightlife downtown is very active and there are lots of places where you can do some shopping. All in all, Clearwater is a reasonably priced getaway that you and your family can enjoy.

3. Sedona, Arizona

Supposing that you and your family prefer a relaxed atmosphere with stunning sites and views, then Sedona, Arizona can provide just that. Known for mountain tops that are rusty red, the combination of the winter snow adds color to the already beautiful desert feel. This destination is often crowded during the year, but in the winter there are significantly fewer people traffic. This is great for families to have great quality time while exploring Sedona via drives through the canyons or by hiking.

So for this winter vacation remember you don’t have to go international. Just get a rental car and drive to your next vacation.