Four Inspiring Road Trip Ideas in the United States

January 30, 2019 By Tiffany Taylor

Considering where to go for your next vacation? There are so many options but sometimes we limit our options by thinking we are looking at choosing somewhere that isn’t too far away because you don’t want to spend days and days getting there just to turn around and drive back which can easily take up most of your vacation time. But there might be more alternatives than you realize. Instead, you can fly somewhere new and exciting and rent a car giving you options that maybe you haven’t considered yet. Why limit yourself? Keep every destination in mind. 

Here are our four favourites in four different states.

• Hawaii
• Vermont
• Oregon
• Alaska

Maui, Hawaii 

Rent a car and you too could be saying “I survived the road to Hana.” Steep cliffs along the ocean, lush and verdant green, alive with mango trees, black sand beaches, and you might even see a seal or two along the way as they sleep away in the gorgeous warm sun. Stop along the way at the Waianapanapa State Park to explore the sea caves or just to stretch your legs and have a picnic surrounded by lava cliffs. 

Route 100, Vermont

4 amazing places in the U.S to visit for your honeymoon

January 23, 2019 By Tiffany Taylor

Have you just got married and you have absolutely no clue where to take your wife for the honeymoon? Relax: we’ve got you covered. Even
if you’ll have to use an exotic car rental company to get you to the 4 places we recommend below, it will totally be worthwhile!

So, here you have 4 amazing places in the U.S to visit for your honeymoon:

1. Malibu, California

Malibu’s a go-to place for young couples. It has everything: superb palm trees found everywhere you’d go, excellent surfing, an amazing outdoor mall, hiking routes, great restaurants… Everyone who loves romance, serenity and leisure activities will feel perfect in Malibu.

PS: Make sure you embark on Malibu Stars’ Home tour when you’re there. You’ll get to see 40+ celebrity houses, including DiCaprio’s residence, Adam Sandler’s or Bill Murray’s. Of course, most of those aren’t inhabited anymore by those stars.

2. Delray Beach, Florida

Ok, this destination doesn’t necessarily require an exotic enterprise rent a car orlando airport to get to, but that doesn’t mean it’s to be avoided. Not by a long shot!

Delray Beach offers numerous attractions that are perfect for young couples: yacht cruises, the Artist Alley or the Arts …

What should I hire for my road trip?

January 15, 2019 By Tiffany Taylor

The world has so much to see and more and more young people are trying to get away from the keyboards and screens to see the breathtaking scenery. Traveling is aimed to be exhilarating and doing it by car is definitely going to triple this pleasure tenfold. First, there are places that will be more captivating and you can have the advantage of being spontaneous and stopping wherever you like. Flexibility aside you get time to catch up with your friends and also get to argue over who can choose the music. With you can rekindle or create new memories by hiring the following vehicles from different categories.


In this category you will have a five-seater car with probably a trunk capacity for two. You also have to select whether you want an automated car or a manual one. An example is the Mitsubishi Mirage. Most small cars are not very good for road trips but you will always get one or two that will surprise you. The advantage of the cars in this category is that they are relatively cheaper to rent and maintain and have a pretty good navigation system.


With compact vehicles you …

By far the most useful tips on how to select the best motel

January 11, 2019 By Tiffany Taylor

Give some thought to a Hostel

Staying in hostels is probably not an ideal choice for the USA simply because of the deficiency of quality and quantity, but in places just like British Isles, Portugal and additionally Thailand the network is broad and the level of quality is increasing. Never think of hostels as just college dorms for hikers. Numerous present individual and additionally family rooms so they are generally one of the most beneficial cost-effective alternatives to hotels.

Hostels in main towns and cities are normally found in the vicinity of trains and buses as well as tourist sites. A private or perhaps family room is frequently less expensive than a hotel room plus they have economical and free of charge services such as wi-fi, baggage storage, kitchen and additionally local tours.

Hostels can even be a superb way for meeting other travelers as well as one of the best ways to save cash. However check the hotel evaluations. Just like any accommodation types, several properties can beat others!

Stop in a close-by town or outside the town center

In the event you can’t find low-priced resorts in the metropolis center, staying outside of the metropolis will typically save …

Amazing Travel Tips For Any Vacation Getaway

January 10, 2019 By Tiffany Taylor

Looking for 24hr rental car and related things? Well, you are not alone because this service is just amazing. You will manage to have a lot of fun when you hire a car to get to a destination in any city in the world.

We will talk about some tips that you can use to take your getaway to a new level. From getting the perfect coffee to going for a Norfolk camping, we have you covered. That’s the reason why we think that you have to read on so you can know more about this.

Get the Perfect Coffee

If you want to get the perfect coffee, you have to take a look at the crowd. Yes, the crowd will allow you to see whether a place is a cafe is good for you or not.


Having fun in a lighthouse stay in Mull is also a great idea. You will find a lot of rooms to stay here, and you will love what you will do.

Norfolk Camping

Norfolk is the wonderful, peaceful campsite that you have been waiting for. This wild place is just out of this world, and you will love every piece of it …

Best Winter Activities in the USA

December 14, 2018 By Tiffany Taylor

As the holiday and winter season approaches and things start to get chilly, it is often the perfect time for families to have a getaway. Some families may choose a destination that is domestic and some may go beyond the borders of the country. If you are one of those families, then you may be looking for great ways and ideas on how you and your family can enjoy your winter vacation. In the USA there are lots of things to see and do this winter that involves just getting a rental car or using your own vehicle. Therefore, there is no need to go international.

Cross Country Vacations

A cross-country drive is a great way to have a family vacation, avoid the hassle of a flight, bond with family and save money while you’re at it. The USA has 50 states and of which has something unique to do especially in the winter, so why not rent a car and be on your way to explore what a state may have to offer. Here are some states which are popular for activities that families can partake of during the winter.
States to Visit during the winter

1. Vermont

If …