What should I hire for my road trip?

January 15, 2019 By Tiffany Taylor

The world has so much to see and more and more young people are trying to get away from the keyboards and screens to see the breathtaking scenery. Traveling is aimed to be exhilarating and doing it by car is definitely going to triple this pleasure tenfold. First, there are places that will be more captivating and you can have the advantage of being spontaneous and stopping wherever you like. Flexibility aside you get time to catch up with your friends and also get to argue over who can choose the music. With rental24h.com you can rekindle or create new memories by hiring the following vehicles from different categories.


In this category you will have a five-seater car with probably a trunk capacity for two. You also have to select whether you want an automated car or a manual one. An example is the Mitsubishi Mirage. Most small cars are not very good for road trips but you will always get one or two that will surprise you. The advantage of the cars in this category is that they are relatively cheaper to rent and maintain and have a pretty good navigation system.


With compact vehicles you get all the factors of the economy section with a slightly larger trunk capacity. You can get more space for the things you buy on the way. They also have a larger back seat and therefore wont be a squeeze for the five passengers it can carry. The vehicles here also have good gas mileages and are easier to maneuver. An example is the Nissan Versa.

7-Seat People Carrier

Here visualize a vehicle in the line of a Doge Grand Caravan. In this category believe me a family vacation will mean that you can carry whatever you want. The vehicles here seem like they were made specifically for this, that is, if you want to carry much to carry more luggage. They are also relatively cheaper and you will get a bigger tank to last you longer in between towns.


Initially these cars were shunned due to their fuel economy but they are becoming more efficient. They are also safer, carry up to five people, carry more cargo and you can further tow something with it. These vehicles are also usually excellent in off road situations. Here you can rent SUVs such as Toyota Rav4 or the Chevrolet Suburban.

Large Trucks

Here you can think the likes of a Chevrolet Silverado Ext Cab. These are great for road trips due to their roomy cab for friends or family. They also have impressive torque and horsepower and their all-wheel drive makes them a delight in off-road drives. They also give you the ability to tow maybe a boat for your trip.You can select a vehicle in any of the aforementioned categories. The mentioned cars are representatives for a category but if you use a reputable company you will get to choose a brand that suits your tastes.

The company has to also have competitive prices and rental24h.com offers this alongside great customer service. Hire a car today and embark on that trip of your dreams.