Four Inspiring Road Trip Ideas in the United States

January 30, 2019 By Tiffany Taylor

Considering where to go for your next vacation? There are so many options but sometimes we limit our options by thinking we are looking at choosing somewhere that isn’t too far away because you don’t want to spend days and days getting there just to turn around and drive back which can easily take up most of your vacation time. But there might be more alternatives than you realize. Instead, you can fly somewhere new and exciting and rent a car giving you options that maybe you haven’t considered yet. Why limit yourself? Keep every destination in mind. 

Here are our four favourites in four different states.

• Hawaii
• Vermont
• Oregon
• Alaska

Maui, Hawaii 

Rent a car and you too could be saying “I survived the road to Hana.” Steep cliffs along the ocean, lush and verdant green, alive with mango trees, black sand beaches, and you might even see a seal or two along the way as they sleep away in the gorgeous warm sun. Stop along the way at the Waianapanapa State Park to explore the sea caves or just to stretch your legs and have a picnic surrounded by lava cliffs. 

Route 100, Vermont

Autumn is the best time to drive along Route 100, with long winding country roads that will delight the senses, the blazing reds, and oranges against the calmer golds, ablaze atop these mountains. Stop along the way to explore the Gifford Woods State Park. A primeval forest ready for you to explore.

Anchorage to Valdez, Alaska 

With an endless vista of the mountain after mountain reaching up to the sky and prehistoric glaciers, this road trip can be awe-inspiring. Although Anchorage is more well known, Valdez though small is one of the most important ports in Alaska. There are so many glorious 14,000-foot mountain peaks that they haven’t even bothered naming them all. 

Columbia River Highway, Oregon 

Before we had the idea of superhighways, before it was easy to blast through mountains, roads meandered, took their time to where they were going. When these road builders decided to make a road to follow the Columbia River, they had the vision to take everyone through the best viewpoints as they drove along. Towering cliffs, lovely waterfalls, the river water rushing through, the vista endlessly changing and delighting you along the way. Definitely worth renting a car to enjoy.

Renting a car allows you options that you may have never considered. We tend to think either we need to stay relatively close to home, or we think of a destination vacation which too often means we stay in one place and really don’t get to see the majesty and uniqueness of the spaces between those destinations.